• Sarah Thompson

Our top tips on how to run a successful Marketing Campaing

Select the your audience

1.Before you can choose your marketing campaign, you need to determine who your target audience is and the how you will reach them.

2. Define your buyers character for your audience to help you refine your messages to their specific needs.

3. Choose your main or primary aim. Your marketing activities can have different types of outcomes: leads, visitors, visibility or engagement. Each marketing campaign needs to focus on one primary purpose.

4. set specific goals or key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you determine how your campaign is performing against that goal and are helpful when creating or refining marketing strategies. For example, if your campaign is focusing on engagement numbers, how many engagements do you want to get and how will you measure your success?

Choose the right offer

Your offer should be a piece of content, a free webinar, a free trial or something that attracts those looking to buy from you. These offers need to be relatable to your brand so that you get buyers attention. Offering an hour long, interactive video session to people who don’t know your brand or are not looking to buy your product could be a waste of time. It is a lot more productive to post short, useful guides and share information that is relevant to your brand or product. Try matching your offer with something you know your buyers want.

Identify the correct channel for your business

Choose the right media to attract and capture your audience? Your media channels: Websites, Social media ,Email, SMS, Search engines and Video are all good for marketing but they might not be the most effective channel for your business. A lot of my clients waste time trying to capture all of these medium when only three or four are relevant or effective to their business. You can save a lot of time and effort by identifying what are the most effective channels for your type of business. one of our clients who runs a car dealership said to us “Sometimes it’s as simple as word of Mouth marketing.”

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