• Sarah Thompson

Summer Find

Its Autumn already, where has summer gone? I had a fantastic summer of working and working some more. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the lovely wether we have been having in Kent? I always like our seasons and we are lucky to have beautiful, mild Indian autumn with all the colours that come with this season.

Our latest small feature is about “The Ploughman Cafe and Farm Shop” in Birchington. The cafe is 13 years old and offers a selection of ploughman platters, sandwiches, cakes, teas, coffee and afternoon teas.The vision of source locally farmed ingredients to make delicious sandwiches is that of the founder and owner David Linington. He is passionate about using locally sourced produce. “This ensures that the lunches and meals are made from natural ingredients and are, deliciously good! Our customers like that we source and sell local seasonal food and produce.”

We also have local honey in the shop. Honey is rich in Antioxidants, has healing properties and can help with hay fever allergies and healing. This 100% natural product has NO artificial nasties, no gluten and is vegetarian friendly too!

By using the delicious vegetable fruits and berries Britain's countryside has to offer, The cafe actively support home-grown industries and are dedicated to operating with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

The nearest beach is 10 minutes away at Beresford Gap. The sandy beach is nestled between Graham Bay and Epple Bay and is a beautiful spot. Why not go for a weekend walk by the beach and pop in to enjoy a ploughman’s platter for lunch?

To see the cafe and farm shop opening time click the link below.


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