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February Feature

Updated: May 15, 2020

One of my favourite places in Canterbury is the Hambrook Marshes. It has a mixture of all the things you need to distract you from your daily life. There is wild life, wetlands, nature, train tracks and a paved path to walk, cycle or run along. The path is sandwiched between the river Stour and Thannington fishing lakes. The fishing lakes private so you will need to be a member to fish there.

This quiet secluded spot next to the city is beautiful all year round. The marshes faces the south west of Canterbury city centre and there are hidden places along the way. You can climb up the steps along where the old train line Canterbury South used to run to get an overhead view of the river and the pathway. The entire length of the path It is about three miles long, and includes The Great Stour Way ( from Canterbury to Chartham).

Along the path you will pass a mini man made maze that children like to play in. There is a quarry and a waterfall. This tiny waterfall is breath taking. Towards the end of the path there is the Chartham village hall which is only a few metres away from Chartham train station. If you are not wanting to walk or ride you bike along the path you have the option of taking the train to Chartham and walking only one way. This walk is beautiful all year round and here are a few of my favourite pictures to prove it.


1. Ideal for a first date, picnic with friends, day out or a free family excursion.

2. Be careful when walking or cycling in large groups or with young children as there are parts of the path where there is no railing or barrier.


Message us on fb, twitter, instagram or post your pictures if you went along the path and did not see an animal or insect.

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